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A Buyer’s Agent


There are a couple of magical powers a Good Buyer’s Agent can offer you. Referring to the timeline below, we see that a majority of the hustle and hassle is done post-offer. The Buyer’s Agent can come into play directly after you decide in your head that you are ready to make the move.

When thinking about the first three major steps in your Real Estate process, filling your bill-fold is your first goal. Unless you are buying with cash, going shopping for homes with out your loan gives you a much smaller chance at closing on a house that you really love. A Good Buyer’s Agent would explain that to you and help you find a Good Local Lender.

Second is the fun part. A Good Buyer’s Agent does not only unlock the door for you to walk in the home. There are 5 things a Good Buyer’s Agent is doing for you while in the “Shop for Homes” stage.

  • Agent Communication
  • Showing Scheduling
  • Home Search Efficiency
  • Resale Considerations
  • Reviewing Home Disclosures

A Good Buyer’s Agent understands what you are looking for and can profile homes that fit you best. This saves time and get’s you to your next home quicker.

Having a Good Buyer’s Agent in the “Making and Offer” stage is extremely helpful for three reasons. One, knowing the difference between playing fields. A competitive field means there are multiple offers coming in. Instead of throwing an offer aimlessly, having someone that has done this many times allows you to feel more calculated in your strategy. Number two is there is more to an offer than the sales price. A Good Buyer’s Agent will know how to make that offer look more attractive to the seller from different angles if you cannot afford to go all the way up to the initial sales price. Third is looking toward the future. Taking a breath and going through the checklist of things that will either affect the expenses of the home or future resale.

All in all, it is all about making a good investment for you. With a Good Realtor, the goal is that you would be well informed on the decision that you are making.

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