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Category: SELLING

    Freezing Market

    By Pennie Carroll | January 19, 2024

    THE HOUSING MARKET DOES NOT FREEZE, NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Housing Market Advantages in Extreme Weather. Winter time can be busy for people. Most the time it is a time for people to take a quick breathe and organize their lives. Due to the slowing of schedules, activities, and business, people (you) may have a little... Read More

    Real Holiday Magic

    By Pennie Carroll | December 5, 2023

    HOLIDAY MAGIC AND REAL ESTATE Unlocking the Magic of Home Buying During the Holiday Season The question that is floating around our office the most as we pass by each other on our way to the copier is; What advantages and disadvantages does the winter market bring to our clients? 1. Less Competition, More Negotiation... Read More


    By Pennie Carroll | August 3, 2023

    OPEN HOUSES ARE NOT DEAD! Just over 4,000 homes have sold since May 1, 2023. If we were to say that each of those had an open house schedule, well, that would be. lot of open houses. At least in our office, we prioritize every corner and cranny of a marketing strategy to best showcase... Read More


    By Pennie Carroll | July 28, 2023

    THINKING OF SELLING? Let’s talk about the listing process: If you decide to list your home in the near future, a few steps are taken before a sign goes in your yard! As Pennie talks about in the video, she often has one or two appointments with the sellers before a home actually goes live... Read More


    By Pennie Carroll | July 14, 2023

    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF REAL ESTATE Have you ever wondered what a Real Estate agent does day-to-day? Look no further! PCA Realtor Joe Carroll takes us through a typical day for him. Although, he would probably say there is no such thing as a “typical” day for a Realtor. From showings, to inspections,... Read More

    Market Must-Do’s

    By Pennie Carroll | July 10, 2023

    MARKET UPDATE: PATIENCE IS KEY Right now, almost 2800 homes are on the market in Central Iowa. The market seems to have plateaued a little for the summer, and we can expect the numbers to stay in this general range for now. This number of inventory is still a bit of a seller’s market, but... Read More


    By Pennie Carroll | June 30, 2023

    HOME SHOW EXPO 2023 The HomeShowExpo is an annual event that allows local builders to showcase their craftsmanship of homes. The event is put on by the Des Moines Home Builders’ Association. You can find out more about this year’s Expo in Urbandale on the HBA website! Some sources say that newly built homes make... Read More

    What is “Escrow”? And Other Updates

    By Pennie Carroll | June 15, 2023

    CURRENT MARKET UPDATE The Des Moines market continues to trend in the 2,400-2,600 range, which is still on the lower end of balanced, but better than we have seen over the past few years at this time. Additionally, mortgage rates are heading in a good direction. Real Estate activity tends to plateau in June, with... Read More

    A Seller’s Market Summer

    By Pennie Carroll | June 1, 2023

    WHAT DOES A SELLER’S MARKET MEAN FOR ME? WHAT IS A SELLER’S MARKET? The market type is determined by looking at the amount of homes available to sell versus how many people are looking to buy a house. Right now, the inventory of homes is less than the amount of people wanting to buy, resulting... Read More

    Real Estate Success

    By Pennie Carroll | July 8, 2022

    Standard operating procedures for Your Real Estate Success. Read More