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Seems Like A Lot!

Is That A Lot? What About That Lot? Seem’s Like A Lot.

What makes a development central? Central to what? How does a town start to grow? What kinds of things come into town that promote growth? The number one thing a town needs is population. The only way a town increases population is if the housing increases. This is why builders like Eric Vanderploeg bring their skills to meet the requirement for Iowa to continue to grow.

There are a lot of other articles out there about economic growth, statistics, and the science behind developing a thriving town. Today, our goal is to lay out it – plan and simple – what a builder looks at in the community when going in on a piece of land for you and your family.

“I am a family man, so the one thing that we look at first is what are the surrounding schools.” – Eric Vanderploeg

So a school is built. What comes next is several development projects to start rising. As Pennie jokingly said, “Then you got the Kwik Star popping up the next month.” Pennie is indicating that things start to show after the people. The only way the people show up is if there is a place for them and their family.

The fact is, there are a lot of development projects going in the Des Moines Metro. Meaning, more schools are going up and population is growing. What flocks to large groups of people? Business owners. Thus, in the matter of a decade you can have a whole new township practically. For Altoona, we are seeing that in the area surrounding Clay Elementary and further east. Housing, apartments, school, and business. We will be able to call that area East Altoona within the decade.

Where do Custom Homes fit in? When a custom home is built the previous home is now up for market for a new family. Thus, the cycle continues. It is as simple as that, expansion into new land, and passing on the developed land to the next household.

There will always be a product for the individual family. Whether that is multi-family housing, single-family homes, or a custom built home, the road to growth is to keep meeting the needs of that group of people. That is why Home Builder’s and Realtor’s exist, to get that family what they are looking for that meets their needs.

Exciting times in the development world of the Des Moines Metro.

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