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The relation between Homestyle and Lifestyle.

Maybe you are a first time home-owner or you have owned a home for years. The places we live and the structures we build around eventually take on a style that is unique to how our families live, interact and operate. In other words, style is developed out how you live – your lifestyle.

Take a look around your house or apartment and see how you have things laid out. Are there things that are there purely out of functionality? Or is the placement coming from an aesthetic approach? Our guess is that the tissue box next the coach and remote is not a desirable design feature, but serves a great purpose of having a handy dandy tissue when you need it. On the other hand, the beautiful white cabinets you just had installed may serve both fields. Functionally for storage and aesthetic with cleanliness of the white.

So what connects these two things? The way we live, shapes the way our home appears and functions.

How do I get to where I want to go as far as homestyle?

First, we are sure you do not need us to tell you that home life can get chaotic, disorganized, and sometimes feels like everything is falling apart. How we understand it is you need an understanding that the functionality, organization, and appearance of your home will never be perfect. Understanding this allows you to enjoy those important moments, even though your dream situation may not be a reality.

That being said, we also believe goals can be reached. Whatever barrier is holding you back to being proud of the way your home looks and functions you can set goals and milestones that get you closer to how you want to live. Barriers could be as simple as lack of time or motivation, or can be as complicated as needing a new space or you aren’t ready financially. What keeps us moving forward toward living how we want is understanding that we are not perfect, but at the same time setting goals for ourselves that we can accomplish!

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