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Pennie & Lexy talk about the home buying journey!

What is essential when home shopping?

Searching for a home can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many things to look at and consider in each. You are quick to notice paint color, decorations, or the condition of the carpet. These capture our attention because they are the most visible layer of a house. However, you should be more concerned with the location of the home, the state of the foundation and roof, square footage, and bedroom count as these can’t be easily changed.

Look out for signs of water damage or mold, irregular maintenance, wonky windows, or improper ventilation. Each of these will cost you in the long run if they are overlooked. Your agent also knows what to look for!

While the initial look at neon green paint in a bedroom may not be your personal favorite, take the opportunity to look at the good aspects of a space! Is the layout functional? Was the flooring done well? If the green paint is your only qualm, don’t fear. That’s an easy fix!

Determine your needs.

Before you start your housing search, get pre-approved by a lender! Your Real Estate agent may have suggestions if you need direction.

After pre-approval, you are good to start your search! Talk to your agent about the areas you want to focus on, how many bedrooms you need, and other dream list items. Those needs may be tweaked as you start looking at homes, but know the basics. A good Buyer’s Agent will be able to walk through a home with you and help you determine if it is a good fit for your needs. Your agent will also guide you in the offering and closing processes.

When you are able to see the good bones of a house and have a solid agent, you will be well on track to find your next home!


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