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Things seem to be picking up in the housing market? Is that true and what does that mean for the Summer?

Often, we are asked about the market. Often, people are wondering about the market. Why? Well, we all share an interest whether it is first-time home buyers or experienced investors. Our job as a Real Estate brokerage is to do our best to provide you the confidence you need to make an informed decision on YOUR next Real Estate move.

So let’s look at the facts. A few months ago, listed homes were sitting around 1600 and the interest rate was closer to 3. Heading into the Summer Market, we are now edging towards 2000 and an interest rate closer to 5.

So is the housing market picking up? Well, depends on how YOU define that, and how that effects YOUR plan. What that could mean for YOU is that things are still looking good for both buyers and sellers. That is how it actually is. Buyers are able to find homes with still a historically low interest rate. Seller’s are facing multiple offers for their listings.

Without getting into predictions, we can see what is happening right now and access our plans accordingly. Need to move and relocate? Take advantage of the relatively low interest rate, but be prepared for a competitive market.

Seller’s, put YOUR home on the market. Now is the time. Find a good realtor that can help you think through relocation and YOUR next home.

The last thing we all want to do is los our heads. Keep calm, access the facts, and move forward accordingly.

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