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What can a Real Estate Agent do for you?

Pennie and Realtor Kelly Kasper talk about perspective as an agent, with a special little guest 🙂


Real Estate Agents learn to look for items of importance that homebuyers may often overlook, like the state of the roof, what a door not closing properly could mean, and many other things. The longer an agent is in the industry, the more their eyes become trained to look for these things.

Don’t fret! That is just one of many reasons you should have a trusted Agent by your side as you go through the buying and selling process. While an Agent is there to make note of aspects of a house to consider, you are free to explore and dream about your next home. We want YOU to be educated so that you feel more comfortable as the process continues.

Inventory is slowly returning in the Des Moines area, so if you aren’t in love with the first house you look at, be encouraged! More options are available, and your Agent is there to help you scope out potential homes.


Over the last 10 years or so, a large majority of Americans have considered Real Estate the best form of long-term investing. Houses in good repair almost always appreciate in value over time, and they grow your net worth as you build equity.

“…Homeownership is a catalyst for building wealth for people from all walks of life. A monthly mortgage payment is often considered a forced savings account that helps homeowners build a net worth about 40 times higher than that of a renter.” – Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at National Association of Realtors

While the mortgage rates can be scary right now, there is never a bad time to begin building wealth in the form of buying a house. Continuing to rent won’t do anything for you in the long run. Give your future self a boost by buying soon! If you need to, refinance later for a better rate.

Give your lender or Real Estate agent a call to get the ball rolling today!

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