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Des Moines Real Estate



Des Moines is the capitol city of Iowa, and is the county seat of Polk County. It is home to approximately 212,000 residents, and students are in the Des Moines Independent school districts, which has about seven high schools.


Des Moines is characterized into different areas of the city that each have their own personality: Downtown, the East side, the South side, and North Des Moines. Every area of the city has much to offer, but is still easy to travel to various other parts of the Metro area.


Des Moines offers a huge variety of recreation and entertainment opportunities. The Iowa State Fair is one of the best known fairs in the country, bringing in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Beyond the Fair, Des Moines has a plethora of good restaurant options in a wide range of genres and prices. Fun education and art opportunities abound, with the Science Center, a few library campuses, the Civic Center, and art festivals and museums. Whatever you are looking for, Des Moines probably has it!

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